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Laur Eksperta 2015/2016  IbB Engineering GmbH  Urząd Dozoru Technicznego
    CDIF2  Delphi  DeltaTech Electronics  Firma2000  Isuzu  Henkel AutoMoto Serwis Gajda Truck Center


Technical Expertise and Trainings Bureau is a team of experts and expert witnesses in automotive field as well as in terms of validation:

  1. We organise technical training courses in:
    • vehicle technology and electronics
    • validation of testing methods, devices and facilities
  2. We issue expert reports in this field
  3. We perform cost estimation of post-crash repairs
  4. We perform cost evaluation of vehicles
  5. We perform audits and validation of testing methods, devices and facilities
  6. We prepare research laboratories for accreditation - preparation and implementation of management system according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025
  7. We repair mechatronical systems that nobody is willing to try
  8. We perform spectrophotometric tests
  9. We perform efficiency and durability examinations of vehicle parts and components

Our team consists of people with great service and dydactic experience, assessors and expert witnesses. In addition to purely technical excercises our training courses include also other topics relevant to the course subject:

  • correctness of procedures;
  • accordance of executed job/service to reference documents;
  • responsibility for executed job/service.

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